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    Level with Me

    So what exactly is Hydrostatic head pressure? Levelpro Sensors are designed to measure the level of a tank by measuring the Lead pressure and translating that signal into a level output. Levelpro Pressure sensors are designed to handle very corrosive liquid applications using a traditional sensing technology. Levlepro Sensors are simple to use and install. The Levelpro differential pressure sensors are suitable for broad range of tank level applications and measurements. Levelpro Sensors can be either submersed in the media, or flush mounted on the tank. Hydrostatic pressure sensing can be difficult in dirty liquids that clogs small orifices or corrosive environments that destroy the sensor materials. The Levelpro submersible pressure sensor will not be affected by splashing or foam, since it’s in the media.

    Liquid Level Measurement
    The Levelpro pressure transmitter can be used to determine the liquid level in a tank, sump, well, river or other body of liquid. The pressure at the bottom of a liquid filled container is directly related to the height of the liquid. The transmitter measures this hydrostatic head pressure and gives the resulting liquid level. To get an accurate reading, the measurement device needs to be located at the lowest point you want to measure; typically mounted or laying on the bottom of the container

    Pressure Sensing Technologies
    Levelpro builds pressure transmitters with four distinct pressure sensing technologies. We analyze the needs of an application and choose the technology that best serves the application. The four technologies are bonded foil strain gage, gage, silicon, and piezoresistive, ceramic piezoresistive, and variable capacitance. Each one is best suited for different applications and has its own advantages and limitations.

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