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  • Industries

    Industrial Waste & Water Treatment
    PH Control Systems, Anaerobic Digestors, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet, Ion Exchange

    Municipal Waste & Water Treatment
    Landfill Leachate Collection, Chemical Feed Systems, Sludge, Landfill Methane Gas, Soil Reclamation

    Process & Environmental Monitoring
    Groundwater Collection

    Aquaculture and Aquatic Life Support Systems
    Sea Water & Fresh Water Tanks

    Greenhouse & Irrigation Systems
    Liquid Plant Food and Liquid Fertilizer Tanks and Sumps

    Swimming Pools-Fountains
    Chemical Dosing Tanks-Chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite

    Mining Industry
    Waste Treatment Tanks, Chemical Tanks, Leachate Collection Tanks, Waste Sumps

    Pulp & Paper
    Chemical Storage Tanks, Bleach Tanks, , Treated Waster, Waste Water

    Micro Electronic & Pharmaceutical
    Chemical Storage, Waste Treatment Tanks, Deionized Water , Waste Sumps

    Bulk Chemical
    Large Bulk Tanks, Day Tanks

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